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AdorableLena had 116 votes and result in a 4.50 star rating.
Last login for AdorableLena was: 2019-05-13 12:53:43

Rates for private, sneakpeek and exclusive shows:
Private show per minute (sneakpeek allowed): 1.49 credit
Sneakpeek: 0.75 credit
Exclusive show, only for you per minute: 1.94 credit

AdorableLena is 25 years and has Blue eye color.
Hair color is Fair Hair.
Body measurements are 54-59-58-cm.
Height(cm): 163
Weight(kg): 56

AdorableLena really likes hot sexy, wild??..I can be everything you have eve and You are lucky, I like every position 🙂 buuuut I would love you to grab my hips and put myself with my hands on the wall, kissing my back and whispering hot words. and dislikes There is no concern for stupidity and discouragement…and People who are begging mean and no manners..

Short message for chat partners: I’m a nice, funny, crazy and crazy girl. I like the guy and I love to control and love to controlBeing dominated…I want you to do whatever you want with me..I am like yes!!!Take control!!I want you to be so into sex that you can be gentle..kind…

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