ElzaHaynes is 20 years old. She was last online at 2019-08-16 20:17:45 seen in free chat.
Her appearance is 60-72-100-. Hair color is Fair Hair and eye color is Green.

Height: 164cm
Weigh: 65kg

Turnon: I love to do crazy things, and maybe you can help me with this.
Turnoff: Tough guys
Fetish: Veins in the arms of a man
Favorite position: I have no favorite pose, all poses are good

Personal message from ElzaHaynes: I have an unusual name. It seems that it is magical, and I do not doubt it. After all, I’m actually a little fabulous. My world is not a world of harsh reality. He is filled with madness, which I am ready to share with you.

This is her profile at Xlovecam: ElzaHaynes

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