marysele is 45 years old and last time we’ve seen her she’s been online for at least 2921seconds. Her chat status was public. She likes “” while being turned off by “”. Her profile was last updated on the 2019-08-11. She’s been a member on Liveshow18+ since 2018-11-12. Her primary language is romanian.

Her appearance is 5’10” – 6″ [175cm – 185cm] and she weigh 140 – 160 lbs [60 – 70 kg]. Hair color is Blonde and eye color is Brown. She wants her pubic hair Shaved.
She’s got 20 fans already and she’s still counting 🙂

HD Cam: 1 (1 is active)
Vibratoy (Lovense): 1 (1 is active)

This is her profile at Liveshow18+:

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