May 26, 2020


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MiaPauline had 2 votes and result in a 0.00 star rating 🙂
Last login for MiaPauline was: 2019-03-09 13:09:51
Rates for private, sneakpeek and exclusive shows:
Private show per minute (sneakpeek allowed): 1.00credit
Sneakpeek: 0.80credit
Exclusive show, only for you per minute: 1.14credit

MiaPauline is 23 years and has Chestnut eyes.
Hair color is Black.
Body measurements are 94-63-97-cm
Height: 150(metric)
Weight: 68kg

MiaPauline really likes BDSM and ALL and dislikes rudeness.

MiaPauline favorite position is ALL
I am an optimistic girl, I love meeting new people. I enjoy reading and good music. Very flirtatious and passionate in the privacy.

A few more pictures of MiaPauline:

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