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if you care? AmandaChilli had 47 votes and this result in a 3.00 star rating.
Had a good day on the @Last login for AmandaChilli was in 2019-05-21 15:33:04

Private show per minute (sneakpeek allowed): 1.80 credit
Private show sneakpeek: 0.90 credit
Exclusive show, only for you per minute: 2.34 credit

She is likely to be named or mentioned as AmandaChilli is 25 years and has Currently Hazel eye color.
Her hair color is Brown hair.
Body measurements are 93-73-95-cm.
Height(cm): 168
Weigh(Kg): 54

AmandaChilli likes Mostly I prefer to be in charge, but as I said I a and I love being creative in bed (and not only ;> ), casual positions were fine when I started, now I am really curious about how you like to fuck. Riding style is my fav one when it comes to pleasure, especially if you can last longer than one minute 😉. Dislikes I am turned off by rudeness and people with unpleasant behavior who forgot how to behave in front of a woman. Respect so I can feel comfortable with you..

Short message for chat you as invited chat partner: I am a young girl with mind so horny that I need to handle cocks even here, I always love to make and see them cum and I hope that you will come to show your own fountain of pleasure, cause I am gonna drain you from each and every sperm drop you have in your ready to be mine balls. Beside that I am talkative, and I would love to get to know you better if you would like to have a wonderful conversation, don’t waste time, come see me now.

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